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   I graduated Pittsburgh Technical Institute with an associates degree in Multimedia Design. I've gone to use this degree as a Graphic Designer. These days I do a lot of freelance but still make sure to use my love of all forms of art for fun, so this isn't where my story starts.

   For as long as I remember I had a pencil in my hand and an idea of what I need to create next. My love of comic books was a natural stepping stone and I've been doodling or filling sketch books with countless ideas since I was old enough to make a circle.

   As of recent I asked myself, why did I stop? I've learned a thing or two from working and while I'm proud of what I create for others, it's time to create for me again. I'll continue to work as a designer proudly, but I'm happy to say I'm doodling for me. Comic books are one of my biggest passions, so it's time I have some fun for me and my friends with my talents. I hope you all enjoy what is to come!

Email: kylemf88@gmail.com