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May 2018
2017 Update

   Finally got around to adding some work
from 2017. Was a good year and had some fun with interesting projects you can now see samples of.

-Kyle F

May 2016
Apparent Downtime

   Well I'd like to say sorry and thank anyone
who visited my site and found it down, and now are reading this. Apparently, my provider had my domain expire, despite it being payed for years to come. I made the mistake of assuming my site is always up and didn't realize it went down for a week or so.

   I also added a image I made for a very good friend. Very happy with the likeness I got of them both so I figured I'd add it here, it being something I'm proud of.

-Kyle F

January 2016
Small Update

   Wanted to just give a small update.
Posted a few things from 2015 that I was happy with. Haven't had much time for personal stuff, lots of busy work but thanks for anyone who checks in.

-Kyle F

June 2015
About My Content

   I had a interesting conversation with a
friend of mine about being worried with what content I should and shouldn’t put on my website. I’ve never found anything I’ve made offensive but it is a good question. My personal opinion on this is when you’re hiring a designer you are hiring that person. A big part of hiring an artist, to whatever degree they are one, is you’re hiring that person for that style. Many people can do what I do, but they won't do it exactly the way I do it, and I won't do it the way they do. So when a client is hiring me, I want them to see my sense of humor and style. It’s an interesting question so I hope this complimented that with an interesting answer.

-Kyle F

February 2015
Small Update

   Hello again. Just some small updates this
month. Added a new comic and I'm be working on some banner changes for the site, the current one is a little invasive. Thanks for checking in and I'll continue to keep you posted.

-Kyle F

December 2014
Big Changes

   Big changes to the site here and plans
for the future. I'll be updating more often and have plans for a monthly comic. I hope everyone will check in from time to time and feel free to look around and see the new content.

   I guess for this first post I'll point out some of the new features and changes. I've added an About page. You can learn a little about me and get connected to me through social media. I reworked every page to be more organized and easy on the eyes. Fixed the nav to the top of the site. Added fun quotes to the front page. I'm sure there are a bunch of other fun tweaks I'm forgetting. I hope you enjoy.

-Kyle F
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